Nuke is a band with death-grind-thrash metal influences hailing from Mexicali, Baja California; Mexico. Formed in the summer of 2016 by Alejandro Tonella, Alejandro Ruiz y Mario Bojórquez.


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Business Man

love for money breeding hate theres no way out you fucking liar on your tv on the radio raping your mind the fucking chaos no! X4 made by the highest breeding pigs fuck our safety you fucking liars from bastards sons to pretty people the fucking same shit you fucking bastards no! X9

Into The Woods

hello night I’ve been waiting for this moment to show you this corpse already disemboweled unresting hate coming from my heart hey angel, you’re mine now nothing’s gonna be the same again again! walking in the woods a cold-dark burial you memory will die and there’s no way back lay your head feel the emptiness the coffin is waiting as a hungry mouth X3

Relentless Hate

welcome to this relentless carnage you won’t regret this X2 first of all, take off your clothes then step over the cross a bloody shower inside the church the darker ceremony conjures you soul a new slave to an old priest a twisted christening a dull act on his name confuse and disheartening for centuries it has been the same over and over a lie masked with long life it seems not conclude X2 not conclude

Midnight Massacre

an horrendous day will be i lay under your feet two foolish kids exhume me a monster the will meet uncover my shitty coffin by a lighting bold i’ll rise you’ll find yourself to god calling the undead motherfucker has arrive horny stupid fuck naked i’ll mutilate you X2 horny stupid fuck before you’d cum, my machete you will suck X2

Black Rivers (Tonella's Blood)

ooohhhh! it’s everywhere now in every human vein in every children's tooth BPA cancer causing you’re drinking your suicide the fucking nightmare of the rust the lovely pain in your guts how many liters can you drink? just fucking drink it you poor lamb X2 taste so good in the feeding bottle of your baby you’re drinking your suicide the fucking nightmare of the rust the lovely pain in your guts how many liters can you drink?


this night we will die by the hand of a monster a knife slashing our time a psycho ready to strike as the sun goes down the feeling of death explode in your brain and obliterate you mind you think you know pain? you think you know about horror? tonight for a brief of time you will meet your guts blood lust maniac the night he came home killing for vengeance in the streets he will roam

Carving Bones

several tools to choose from you’re about to experience the flesh-peeling ride cleaning up your sins fucking hate it fucking hate you…


i been waiting for filicide…

I Need To Scream But I Have No Mouth

i need to scream but i have no mouth X2 i have no mouth X5